How Soon Can I Expect Delivery?

Items ordered by 3pm are dispatched same day. After this time orders are dispatched next working day. Most orders can expect to be delivered in 1-3 working days.

Can I Use The Oil In Candle Making And For Burners?


Are Your Oils All Natural? I Have Sensitive Skin.

The oils are not completely natural because synthetic chemicals have to be used in order to create a good match with the designer perfume. In most cases people who have sensitive skin have a problem with alcohol because it is a drying agent and not the perfume itself, so you should not have any issues with using our oils. This has been confirmed by feedback from our customers.

What Is The Expiry Date On These Oils?

As such perfume oils do not expire and can be kept for a long time as long as they are kept away from direct sunlight. We do however put a 2 year best before date on perfumes to comply with regulations.

How Are The Perfume Oils Made To Smell Exactly Like Designer Perfumes?

The exact notes are achieved through a process called gas-liquid chromatography.

Are You Selling Fakes?

The perfumes we sell are not fakes. For a perfume to be a fake it would need to be identical to something. Our perfumes just resemble the fragrance and there is legally no copyright on a smell. Many retailers such as Next and Superdrug sell perfumes under their own brand. When carefully examined they smell like designer fragrances

Any questions you may still have please use our contact us page or you can contact us via email or phone 07956675287