Perfume Oil/Spray Wholesale

We have recently seen a rise in the number of enquiries for wholesale perfume oils.

There is a big market for designer perfume oils and if you have already bought our perfume oils then you know what I am referring to. The quality is second to none and so is the resemblance to the designer perfumes they relate to.

The oils can be sold from the counter of a retail shop, they can complement your online business as an extra line, you could supply to market traders or you could setup a stall yourself. The possibilities are endless.

The easiest way for someone to get going is to buy our perfume oil bottles/sprays prefilled and labelled by us saving you time and headache.

We offer low prices and small minimum order quantities so even our retail customers can benefit from our wholesale prices.

For whole enquiries contact us on 07396 678 441 or via email at info@preciouspearls.co.uk