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Designer fragrances created for men, crafted from pure perfume oil. These are our own versions in concentrated form and are completely free of alcohol and other fillers. The fragrances offered for sale here are not the designer originals. Our fragrances accurately replicate the scent, but are not the original product.

All our perfumes are shipped for FREE in the UK


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Designer fragrances created for men, crafted from pure perfume oil. These are our own versions in concentrated form and are completely free of alcohol and other fillers. The fragrances offered for sale here are not the designer originals. Our fragrances accurately replicate the scent, but are not the original product.

All our perfumes are shipped for FREE in the UK


Spend £25+ Get 10% off

Spend £50+ Get 25% off

Spend £100+ Get 35% off


The oils that we sell have no association with any designer label or brand mentioned. The names used are only as a reference to the fragrance.

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Inspired by A – Aramis, Inspired by AF – Fierce, Inspired by ADP – Colonia, Inspired by ADP – Colonia Intensa, Inspired by ADP – Colonia Intensa Oud Eau de Cologne Concentree, Inspired by ADP – Mandorlo di Sicili, Inspired by A – 1001 nights, Inspired by A – Interlude, Inspired by A – Journey, Inspired by A – Jubilation, Inspired by A – Reflection, Inspired by AO – Kalemat, Inspired by A – Aqua di Gio, Inspired by A – Aqua di Gio profumo, Inspired by A – Black Code, Inspired by A – Code Profumo, Inspired by A – Code, Inspired by A – Diamonds, Inspired by A – Privé Rose d Arabie, Inspired by A – Prive Royal Oud, Inspired by A – Stronger with You, Inspired by A – White, Inspired by BP – Baby Powder, Inspired by BTV – Green Sapphire, Inspired by B9 – Fire Island, Inspired by B9 – New Haarlem, Inspired by B9 – The Scent Of Peace, Inspired by B – Black, Inspired by B – Man in black, Inspired by B – Bal D Afrique, Inspired by CK – 1, Inspired by CK – Eternity, Inspired by CK – Euphoria, Inspired by CK – Obsession, Inspired by CH – 212, Inspired by CH – CH Men, Inspired by CH – CH Men Prive, Inspired by CD – Ambre Nuit, Inspired by CD – Bois D Argent, Inspired by CD – Dune, Inspired by CD – Sauvage, Inspired by CD – Eau Sauvage, Inspired by CD – Eau Sauvage Extreme, Inspired by CD – Farenheit, Inspired by CD – Fève Délicieuse, Inspired by CD – Homme, Inspired by CD – Homme Intense, Inspired by CD – Homme Sport, Inspired by CD – Oud Ispahan, Inspired by CD – Purple Oud, Inspired by CC – No. 1, Inspired by C – Aventus, Inspired by C – Aventus Cologne, Inspired by C – Neroli Sauvage, Inspired by C – Vetiver, Inspired by C – Bois du Portugal, Inspired by C – Erolfa, Inspired by C – Himalaya, Inspired by C – Green Irish Tweed, Inspired by C – Imperial Millesime, Inspired by C – Imperial Santal, Inspired by C – Royal Oud, Inspired by C – Silver Mountain Water, Inspired by C – Spice and Wood, Inspired by C – Sublime Vanille, Inspired by C – Tabarome, Inspired by C – Viking, Inspired by C – Virgin Island Water, Inspired by C – Blue, Inspired by DG – B Y, Inspired by DG – Men, Inspired by DG – Light Blue, Inspired by DG – Masculine, Inspired by DG – The One, Inspired by DG – Velvet Desert Oud, Inspired by D – Cool Water, Inspired by D – Fuel for Life, Inspired by D – Only the Brave, Inspired by D – Dove Soap, Inspired by D – Desire, Inspired by EM – Escentric 01, Inspired by EL – Wood Mystique, Inspired by EN – Fleur Narcotique, Inspired by F – Brut, Inspired by G – Blue Label, Inspired by G – Pour Homme, Inspired by G – Gentlemen, Inspired by G – Pi, Inspired by G – Envy, Inspired by G – Guilty, Inspired by G – Guilty Intense, Inspired by G – Guilty Black, Inspired by G – Guilty Platinum, Inspired by G – Homme, Inspired by G – Sport, Inspired by G – Homme ll, Inspired by G – Intense Oud, Inspired by G – Oud, Inspired by G – Rush, Inspired by G – Bois Mysterieux, Inspired by G – Spiritueuse Double Vanille, Inspired by GL – Drakkar Noir, Inspired by H – Terre D Hermes, Inspired by H – Un Jardin Sur Le Nil, Inspired by H – Voyage, Inspired by HB – Bottled, Inspired by HB – Bottled intense, Inspired by HB – Men, Inspired by HB – Orange, Inspired by HB – The Scent, Inspired by HB – Just Different, Inspired by HB – Boss in Motion, Inspired by IM – L Eau D Issey, Inspired by IPP – Oud for Greatness, Inspired by J – Joop, Inspired by JPG – Gaultier 2, Inspired by JPG – Le Male, Inspired by JPG – Kokorico, Inspired by JPG – Ultra Male, Inspired by JC – J Choo, Inspired by JM – A Shot Of Oud Over Mango, Inspired by JM – Amber & Lavender, Inspired by JM – Amber & Patchouli, Inspired by JM – Blackberry & Bay, Inspired by JM -Black Pepper, Inspired by JM -Black Vetyver Cafe, Inspired by JM – Blue Agava & Cacao, Inspired by JM – English Oak & Hazelnut, Inspired by JM – English Oak & Redcurrant, Inspired by JM – Grapefruit, Inspired by JM – Earl Grey & Cucumber, Inspired by JM – Lime Basil & Mandarin, Inspired by JM -Mango Thai Lime, Inspired by JM – Myrrh & Tonka, Inspired by JM -Nasturtium & Clover, Inspired by JM – Nutmeg & Ginger, Inspired by JM – Star Magnolia, Inspired by JM – Orange Blossom, Inspired by JM – Oud & Bergamot, Inspired by JM – Pomegranate Noir, Inspired by JM – Dark Amber & Ginger Lily, Inspired by JM – English Pear & Freesia, Inspired by JM – French Lime Blossom, Inspired by JM – Mimosa & Cardamom, Inspired by JM – Nectarine Blossom & Honey, Inspired by JM – Vanilla & Anise, Inspired by JM – Tuberose Angelica, Inspired by JM – Wild Bluebell, Inspired by JM – Sweet Lime & Cedar, Inspired by JM – Velvet Rose Oud, Inspired by JM -White Jasmine & Mint, Inspired by JM – Wild Fig & Cassis, Inspired by JM -Wisteria & Violet, Inspired by JM – Peony & Blush Suede, Inspired by JM – Wood Sage & Sea Salt, Inspired by K – Golden Musk (Dust), Inspired by K – Back to Black, Inspired by K – Black Phantom, Inspired by K – Intoxicated, Inspired by LL – Santal 33, Inspired by LL – Rose 31, Inspired by L – American Cream, Inspired by L – Honey I Washed The Kids, Inspired by L – Karma, Inspired by MFK – Baccarat Rouge 540, Inspired by MFK – Grand Soir, Inspired by MFK – Oud, Inspired by MFK – Oud Satin Mood, Inspired by MFK – Oud Silk Mood, Inspired by MB – Legend, Inspired by M – Black Oud, Inspired by M – Aoud Melody, Inspired by M – White Aoud, Inspired by MH – Feuilles de Tabac, Inspired by MMM – By The Fireplace, Inspired by MMM – Jazz Club, Inspired by N – Black Afghano, Inspired by N – Nivea Cream, Inspired by PR – XS Black, Inspired by PR – XS, Inspired by PR – Invictus, Inspired by PR – 1 Million, Inspired by PR – 1 Million Prive, Inspired by PR – Ultra Violet, Inspired by PDM – Herod, Inspired by PDM – Layton, Inspired by PDM – Pegasus, Inspired by PDM – Percival, Inspired by P – L Homme, Inspired by P – Luna Rossa, Inspired by RL – Polo Red, Inspired by RL – Polo Double Black, Inspired by RP – Bois Noir, Inspired by RD – Amber Aoud, Inspired by RD – Aoud, Inspired by RD – Danger, Inspired by RD – Musk Aoud, Inspired by SL – Ambre Sultan, Inspired by SL – Chergui, Inspired by S – Parma Violets, Inspired by TM – Angel, Inspired by TM – A*Men Kryptomint, Inspired by TM – A*Men Pure Havane, Inspired by TM – A*Men Pure Malt, Inspired by TM – A*Men Ultra Zest, Inspired by TF – Amber Absolute, Inspired by TF – Arabian Wood, Inspired by TF – Bois Marocain, Inspired by TF – Cafe Rose, Inspired by TF – Fucking Fabulous, Inspired by TF – Grey Vetiver, Inspired by TF – Italian Cyprus, Inspired by TF – Japon Noir, Inspired by TF – Lavender Palm, Inspired by TF – London, Inspired by TF – Lost Cherry, Inspired by TF – Mandarino di Amalfi, Inspired by TF – Neroli Portofeeno, Inspired by TF – Noir, Inspired by TF – Noir Anthracite, Inspired by TF – Noir Extreme, Inspired by TF – Noir de Noir, Inspired by TF – Ombre Leather 2018, Inspired by TF – Oud Minérale, Inspired by TF – Oud Wood, Inspired by TF – Plum Japonais, Inspired by TF – Riv d Ambre, Inspired by TF – Soleil Blanc, Inspired by TF – Tobacco Oud, Inspired by TF – Tobacco Vanilla, Inspired by TF – Tuscan Leather, Inspired by TF – Vanille Fatale, Inspired by TF – Black Orchid, Inspired by TH – T Hilfiger, Inspired by V – Uomo, Inspired by V – Eros, Inspired by V – Pour Homme Oud Noir, Inspired by V – Pour Homme Dylan Blue, Inspired by VR – Spicebomb, Inspired by X – Alexandria II, Inspired by YSL – Exquisite Musk, Inspired by YSL – Kouros, Inspired by YSL – L Homme, Inspired by YSL – La Nuit de l Homme, Inspired by YSL – La Nuit de l Homme Frozen Cologne, Inspired by YSL – Jazz, Inspired by YSL – M7, Inspired by YSL – M7 Oud Absolu

30 reviews for Mens 10ml Oils

  1. Rudy (verified owner)

    I recently ordered a selection of male & female oils. The service was fantastic, I was advised & assured via email reference my order.
    The oils are excellent, high quality fragrances. Fresh smelling & actually amazing. Thank you.

  2. KEITH (verified owner)


  3. Ian (verified owner)

    Great oils. I have ordered from other sites selling designer oils and these guys come out on top overall for me.

  4. David Spears-Gellar (verified owner)

    These oils are amazing. Strong and projection is great. I can fill a room wearing these oils. Have already made a few orders and I will be back for more.

  5. Chris (verified owner)

    After purchasing oils elsewhere for years a friend recommended precious pearls so i gave them ago and honestly the quality and similarities are way better and at a cheaper price which in terms of oils is quite rare so give them a try.

  6. Erik (verified owner)

    Excellent quality scents all around, with surprisingly good performance. Especially pleased with their Amouage interpretations. Would readily recommend to someone looking to build up a working knowledge of the world of perfumery.

  7. Lorraine Heslop

    Absolutely amazing. Living on a very tight budget, as most are, these oils are superb. I work in customer service so like to smell nice, I have had so many compliments from other staff and customers, many saying “oh your wearing so and so perfume” and they always get it right!
    I have used this site for a long time now and have never been dissatisfied with the speed of delivery, the website or the quality of all the scents I’ve purchased. I tell everyone about Precious Pearls and those that have taken my advice have all stated the same.
    Precious Pearls your fantastic. X

  8. William (verified owner)

    I did not believe the oils could be so good. The first one i tried already was like the original fragrance on steroids, the same smell, but lasting longer and projecting more.
    On my skin nothing ever stuck, maybe 4 hours tops, after that i had to go really close to feel something, now these oils go beyond 10h easily. So if your skin does not like fragrances, try the oils, you will be impressed.

  9. federicochic (verified owner)

    Got my order yesterday. From uk to italy tooks 9 days. Very fast. Excellent packaging. I’ve already started to test my 10 oils. Today i’m facing with the oil ispired to Tuscan Leather. I tried the original one few days ago and….oh!!! Even better then the original. Super. Good projection and very persistent.

  10. Peter (verified owner)

    Bought 2 fragrance oils from Precious Pearls after being disappointed by Perfume Parlour and I can definitely say that they have not disappointed. Despite never trying Amber Absolute, the clone I got from Precious Pearls smells exactly like the note breakdown – a lovely smell. Performance was stellar too, although I may say that it maybe doesn’t project as well as an EDT or EDP, but that’s natural with perfume oil with no alcohol. The clone of D&G the One (which I have smelled) smells near enough identical to the real thing.
    Very impressed with the speed of shipping – even with the free option! Definitely worth buying some of these oils, even to get a tester for the real thing. They really do smell that similar.
    All in all, would not hesitate to recommend. That is significantly more than I can say for Perfume Parlour.

  11. jamesduffy535 (verified owner)

    High quality, accurate clones at a great price.

  12. ryan horton (verified owner)

    I have had around 11 of the oils now and to say I’m happy is an understatement…. Quality is better then what you get in the shops, and last longer! My orders have always been posted out super super fast. Thanks very much. Ryan.

  13. Federico Taliano (verified owner)

    I received my second 10 oils order to italy with only 7 days…super!! Pefectly packed as usual.
    I will let them rest for some days.
    Already tested Soleil blanc and…oh…it is perfect!!!
    Thanks precious pearl.

  14. Tee (verified owner)

    Just recently discovered precious pearls. Thought they’d make good little gifts for Eid. They small amazing!!! And delivery was super quick!

  15. Rai (verified owner)

    Excellent projection… excellent longevity… exquisite fragrances. Simply sublime!!! LOVE preciouspearls

  16. Yasser Razzaq (verified owner)

    Was recommended to Precious Pearls by friends and family. The products are spot on and the service is brilliant. Perfect combination for a brilliant business serving quality products to its customers.
    I’m not one for easily recommending a service but here I can make an exception. Keep it going and well done!

  17. nickemmerton (verified owner)

    I’ve tried many many other perfume oil suppliers and Precious Pearls is head and shoulders above the rest, not only on price but the quality is superb in addition to customer service and communication, they have really helped me in building my own small business , AMAZING.

  18. cifuentesaranguiz (verified owner)

    First time trying Precious Pearls. Excellent service, and unbeatable price. All their Amouage and Parfum d Marly-inspired oils are incredibly spot on. I’m less enthusiastic about their copy of “The One” and their interpretation of Millesime Imperiale of creed, but for the price, it’s incredible how similar they are (even in the flaws of the originals). Would definitively be trying another time! Congrats!

  19. nigelsuper1 (verified owner)

    In my opinion these are the best quality oils you guys really make an effort I bought 5 oils and all of them are a bit of luxury on my skin keep up the good work guys

  20. andrea-g60 (verified owner)

    What can be said about these oils/this company, that hasn’t already? They are simply amazing. Superb fragrances and a Super affordable price point. I am hooked on these, i need to/want to/will get through the whole lineup of fragrances on offer here. Why pay silly money, when you can get these. Save money and smell great, Highly recommended. Super fast delivery as well, every time i have ordered.

  21. hemang2 (verified owner)

    These oils are MAGNIFICENT. They smell exactly the same as the actual fragrances. Fast delivery, well packaged, and amazing quality oils which last for hours! More people need to know about precious pearls!

  22. Hamza (verified owner)

    I have purchased 20 oils and received a free complimentary oil, which was a really nice gesture. Delivery was prompt even with the free delivery. In regards to the quality of oil… FANTASIC.
    Similarity to the original- 9.5/10
    Projection- 9
    Silage- 9
    longevity- 6hour plus easy
    Value for Money- 10/10

    I have a lot of the original fragrances and I cannot tell the difference.

    Note: Original fragrances have alcohol in it which give the smell more projection. That being said these oils project really well.

    I will definitely be making more purchases from Precious Pearls 🙂

    Kind Regards,

  23. Hashim (verified owner)

    I received my order in 2 days. Great service!

  24. Pavel (verified owner)

    I recently bought oil of Gucci Rush for men being really surprised someone is actually offering the “remake” of my favourite but sadly discontinued perfume. The scent is close enough to recall the memories but I wouldn’t say it evolves as well as the original and doesn’t last that long. I will buy it again so precious pearls are doing well enough! Thank you for bringing back this scent to the market! 4/5

  25. zviko78 (verified owner)

    Really good copies. Not as complex as the original fragrances a bit linear but still great value for money. Got pure malt, g spirit vanilla (complementary), and agavas cacao.

  26. thephilsweet (verified owner)

    Over the last couple of years I have purchased 32 Oils and 6 Sprays so clearly I am a big fan. In most cases I do not have the original to make a comparison, however they all standalone as great fragrances. Those that I have been able to compare Aventus, YSL – La Nuit de l’home and a few others have been an excellent match. I generally go with the oils as although the fragrance pyramid is generally a little flatter, the longevity is excellent. They always arrive promptly and are well packed, I will no doubt be returning for more.

  27. Neil Hughes (verified owner)

    Purchased 10 oils super quick delivery and all my oils are spot on roja dove amber oud is my new fav many thanks p pearls

  28. samir garasia (verified owner)

    Perfume roll on bottles are just perfect. Discreet and pocket sized. The Projection and Longevity of these oils are on point. Love the aventus , acqua di gio and oud wood perfume oil renditions. ordered loads more of these. . 95% of items arrive the next day. Cannot go wrong. Thank you Precious Pearls. Top company

  29. matlaryea (verified owner)

    Great customer service, the oils are just great. I have ordered a few from Precious Pearls for the past 3 years and I have always been excited about the oils. Don’t have most of the originals but when I get compliments, people who own it can’t tell the difference. Keep it up 🥰

  30. Siddharth Deshmukh (verified owner)

    Wow!! I am a new customer and got the 10 oils deal to try. What can I say? The fragrances are a 100% match. I have 3 of the originals and you just cannot tell the difference. The oil fragrance lasts for hours and they are absolutely amazing. 5 stars to Precious Pearls, why would anyone want to spend hundreds of pounds on the original staff?

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